Veteran Owned Businesses  Kalamazoo Courtesy of  American Legion  Joseph B. Westnedge Post 36

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This directory is designed to help Veteran Owned Businesses (VOB) in Kalamazoo and the surrounding area be successful and to give our community a resource to help veteran owned business. Our goal is to help ALL veterans grow their businesses. By legal definition a VOB should be at least 51% owned by a veteran, however, we are including businesses that are partially owned by veterans we will describe their ownership in the business details. We also include veterans working as independent employees of businesses that are not veteran owned. For instance, a realtor or insurance agent who works for a business that is not veteran owned, is listed in this directory. These veterans are independent contractors, and we include their information so we can help support their careers. This directory includes details of service the veteran feels comfortable with, such as branch of service, and whether the business is owned by a veteran (VOB), active-duty military or reservist, or a service-disabled veteran (SDVOSB / DVBE). Military/Veteran spouse businesses are listed. This directory is a work in process. Your suggestions, edits, and additions are necessary for us to grow and improve this directory. Please reach out to us and let us know what we are doing right and where we can improve by emailing us at Thank you for your service, and for your work growing your business and thereby making this a better community. Respectfully, Don Gillespie Commander, Joseph B. Westnedge Post 36 Supporting veterans is a pillar of the American Legion. We are built on the promise from men and women who swore with their lives, to defend and protect the United States through military service. That promise begins at enlistment, grows through our time in the U. S. Armed Forces, and continues after discharge, as veterans in service to community, state, and nation.